Although the world changes around us, and presidents come and go,
the NFRA withstands the test of time.

October 6-7, 2017
Mesa, Arizona

Like-minded conservative activists and leaders came from all over the nation for the 2017 Convention in Mesa, Arizona.

Alex Meluskey was our Master of Ceremonies and was joined on the stage by prominent conservative voices.
The weekend's presenters included:

Dick Morris, writer, author and political strategist
Corey Lewandowski, political operative and commentator
Jeanetter Finicum, widow to rancher LaVoy Finicum who was killed during the Oregon militia standoff
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona

Also in attendance were representatives from:
The American Conservative Union
American Majority
and the NRA

See the photo gallery and read the Arizona Central article here. NFRA's conference Facebook page.


National Federation of Republican Assemblies
August 28, 2017
Media Contact: Willes Lee, NFRA
Cell: (808) 347-8126 
Email: willes.lee@gmail.com

In accordance with National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) By Laws, the Alabama Republican Assembly endorsement of Judge Roy Moore for the US Senate seat in the Alabama special election is carried as an endorsement from NFRA.
NFRA President Willes K. Lee stated “Judge Moore is the candidate Alabama and the United States needs in Washington DC. Conservative in his own right, Judge Moore holds all liberals – Republicans as well as Democrats – to account… as does the NFRA. He is determined to drain the DC swamp and to make America great again.”
Moore has spent his career fighting corruption and liberal judicial activism, even being twice removed from office by corrupt politicians. He is a conservative constitutionalist, and will protect our American and Constitutional values as a US Senator.
According to Judge Roy Moore “The Republican Assemblies, through their respective state chapters, are the backbone of the REAL conservative movement. I am pleased to receive their endorsement in this race which centers on the integrity of the candidates.”
In spite of massive spending from Senate Leader McConnell's Leadership PAC to malign Judge Moore, Moore earned the most votes in the primary election and leads in all the recent polling. Attempting to counter the shady manner in which Moore's opponent was appointed to fill this seat, McConnell's money is not changing the opinion of Alabama voters. Having complained mightily about Democrat outside spending in the recent GA-6 special election, Republican interlopers should use their funds to secure our shaky US Senate majority in 2018.
The Republican Assembly is a conservative, grassroots organization committed to free market principles, individual responsibility, lower taxes and regulation, defense of traditional marriage and protection of the unborn. For more information about the Republican Assemblies, go to RepublicanAssemblies.org
Ken Blackwell
NFRA Congratulates former Executive Board Member Ken Blackwell on his appointment by President-elect Donald Trump to lead his domestic transition team.

“The NFRA is the flagship of constitutionalist conservatism within the Republican Party. It is intent on making sure the federal government has limited powers and the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government. If we, the people, are to arrest the Obama march to collectivism, social democracy and an imperial presidency, we must swell the ranks of the NFRA and maintain its status as a principled defender of liberty.”

Ken Blackwell (R-OH)
Former Ohio Secretary of State
2010 Candidate for Republican National Chairman
NFRA Executive Vice President, 2011-

Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager is now the first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign in the United States.

“If you want to see Reagan conservatives running the Republican Party, then the NFRA is where you need to be.”

Kellyanne Conway
President and CEO of The Polling Company/WomanTrend